Post College Career

Benjamin K. Sampson would go on to become a college professor at Wilberforce College, and Avery College. He would eventually be inaugurated into Avery College in 1868. During his tenure he would teach mathematics, sciences and language.

Benjamin worked at Avery College until 1873, when a financial crisis hit, causing many colleges including Avery College to go under and close. Oberlin college managed to survive but, Sampson was now out of a job and needed work. John M. Langston & Peter H. Clark would recommend him to the Clay Street School in Memphis, Tennessee that would hire him in 1877.

Notably Benjamin would get offered a government position from 21st President of the United States, Chester A. Arthur. Benjamin declined the government position claiming that his job as an educator was far too important.

In the summer of 1880, former President Ulysses S. Grant would attend the Cotton Exchange. After the event he would later greet the African American population in the Central Baptist Church. Where Grant was greeted by Benjamin K. Sampson. Grant spoke at the church and said he was thankful and proud for what Sampson was doing for African Americans in his community.

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