After McGrawville

While their father seemed to prosper, the Battiste children faced immense obstacles after his death.

Two of them died at the orphanage from diseases especially prominent in poor communities. Edward died of cholera soon after entering the orphanage, and Sarah died of an unnamed disease soon afterwards.

Little is known about the later lives of Charles, Jr. and Josephine. Josephine married Aaron Woods Treadwell of New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1863, but no other records of her life have been found.


Charles, Jr. lived a tragically short life. Apparently, he returned to Boston, but death records suggest he struggled in his post-collegiate life.

According to those records, he died at the Deer Island almshouse in Boston in 1861 of Phtiris, a disease commonly known as tubercolosis. He was only sixteen years old.

The Sons and Daughters of Freedom