Extended Family and His Passing

1875 census david senior with daughter of david junior.jpg

David had a daughter named Rebecca with his wife Mary, who married a Reverend Weldon E. Alston of Cleveland, Ohio. They were married in Brooklyn.
From The Christian Recorder. August 18 1866. Married. Correction. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The family did not always appear next to each other on census records. In this 1875 Brooklyn Census, Jr.'s family including his daughter and wife are listed underneath David Sr. who is shown to have no occupation. 

Around this time, it is likely that David Jr. was fighting the unfortunate battle with consumption, a form of tuberculosis. This was probably an ongoing illness for the last few years of his life. Here in 1876 he lists out what is to happen with his final possessions and inhertiances in his last will and testament. This document is helpful in giving us a name for who his family was, especially his daughter Rebecca and son David. David sadly knew that his life was probably going to end shortly. He would pass within 2 years of writing his will. 

The rest of this document goes on to show the proceedings of distributing his last will and probate amongst his kin around 1900. 

Dr. Rosell died on July 19th, 1878 in his home on Lombard Street. He had suffered from the affects of consumption for some time, and passed away at the age of 41.
From The Christian Recorder. July 25 1878. Dr. David Rosell aged 41 years died. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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David Rosell Jr.'s gravestone showing his birth and death dates. For such a memorable man, the plaque sadly says very little. 

David's widow is listed in the 1880 census, still living in Philadelphia two years after her husbands passing. Listed starting in row 6, the census also shows the young age of their children and that Mary had taken up work as a dressmaker to provide for them. 

On row 39, Mary is listed again showing she remarried by the time she had turned 52. The contributers to this exhibit believe this is her despite the lack of an explicit last name as the details add up. It shows she used to/still does live in Philadelphia, and the age makes sense granted the time since the 1880 census described above. 

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