Life as a Student

David Rosell attended New York Central College from 1855-1858. He began as a student in the Academic Department in 1855, but by the 1856-1857 academic year, the school directory listed him as a college sophomore.

He would end up having to do a fair amount of traveling to finish his schooling and become a physician. He had experiences at Union College that caused him to leave, and his family sent him to the University of Gottingen in Germany to finish schooling. 

From The Christian Recorder, October 14 1865. A Card. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Leaving NYCC in 1858, he enrolled at Union College in Schenectady, New York, the year after. While he was allowed to enroll, he encountered prejudice at the college that forced him to move elsewhere to finish his medical education.

From Douglass' Monthly, March 1859, We are rejoiced to learn that the colored youth who made application. Rochester, New York.

Somtime between 1859 and 1863, Rosell attended medical school at the University of Gottingen. In addition to his professional education, Rosell learned German, a skill that benefited him later in life. After moving to Philadelphia, he advertised his medical practice to German-Americans in Philadelphia, specifying that he offered "Sprechstunde," or office hours.

From The Christian Recorder, October 14 1865. A Card. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rosell returned to the United States in 1863, but he did not come home alone.

(David Rosell is on the second, far right segment of the document).

He is shown to be 25 years of age and his occupation as doctor. Accompanying Rosell was Frederica, who was his young German bride of 22 years. In 1865, she and David lived with his parents in Brooklyn. In 1866 soon after their move to Philadelphia, she passed away.

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