Jason Jeffrey's Family

     Jason Augustus Jeffrey's parents were named Jason and Mary Amelia Jeffrey. Jason Jeffrey Sr. was a porter at Rotchester Eagle Tavern. A porter is a person who carries luggage for others. Mary A. Jeffrey was active in the Anti Slavery movment. She became the president of the Geneva Ladies’ Anti-Slavery Society which organized events, like a lecture by abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Mary Amelia also served on the, "Impartial Citizens fundraising committee"(Make a Way Somehow). Impartial Citizens was a paper edited by Samuel R. Ward, a preacher and active African American abolitionist in Cortland and Syracuse.

     Jason Jeffrey Sr. was a delegate of New York who participated in the National Convention of Colored Citizens, held in Buffalo the 15th-19th of August in 1843. Mary Jeffrey was also active in the National Convention (All Bound Up Together).  The purpose of this convention was to consider the "moral and political conditions as American Citizens" (colored coventions). Jeffrey was also an important figure in the Western New York Anti-Slavery Society (make a way somehow). 

The Sons and Daughters of Freedom