Jehiel Jeffrey's Family

     Jehiel Jeffrey's parents were named Roswell and Sarah Jeffrey. Roswell Jeffrey was the oldest African American minister in New York State. Before becoming a minister, Jeffrey was employed at the Old Rochester Hotel, which Rev. Jermain Wesley Loguen (See Jermain Loguen Exhibit) lived in for a time when first moving to New York State after escaping to freedom in Canada. Roswell Jeffrey owned a portion of land in Monroe that was known as "Jeffreyville" later in life. (student paper, marlene). 

     Roswell Jerome Jeffrey, the brother of Jehiel, married Hester Jeffrey. Hester Jeffrey worked alongside womens rights activist Susan B. Anthony and aided her associates of the Susan B. Anthony Club, an African American women's club, in making a tribute to Anthony's life work (All Bound Up Together). Other clubs that Hester Jeffrey founded were the climbers, and the Hester C. Jeffrey Club and represented the NY Federation of Colored Women at the NYS Suffrage Association Convention (All Bound Together).

The Sons and Daughters of Freedom