The Cook Family

John Francis Cook Jr, was born in the District of Columbia in September 1833. He was the son of John Francis Sr. and Jane Mann Cook. John Francis Cook's father was previously a slave whose freedom was purchased by a family member previous to his birth. John Sr. spent the rest of his life working as a clergyman, activist, and educator. John Francis Jr. and his brother both attended a Union Seminary School that their father worked at. As well his brother, George Cook became the first black superintendent for the District of Columbia. 

The woman who John Francis Cook Jr. would marry in 1864 was Helen Appo Cook. She was a prominent activist figure in the woman's suffrage movement. Helen Cook founded The National Colored Womans League, and publicly attacked Susan. B Anthony's speech to the House of Representatives for not backing universal suffrage unequivocally.

The Sons and Daughters of Freedom