Sarah Boston's Life

1853 CentralCollegeCatalog.pdf

Catalog, 1853-1854. Sarah Boston appears on page 11.

At Central College

Sarah Cynthia Lattimer Boston was Sarah's full name, but she went by many other different variations of that name. Those variations included: ‘Synthia’, ‘Cynthia Lattimer’, or ‘Sarah Lattimer’.

1854 Centralcollegecatalog.pdf

College Catalog, 1854-1855. Sarah Boston appears on page 11.

There is not much that is known about Sarah Boston during her time in NYCC. However, the school catalogs from 1853 and 1854 show that at the time she used the name Cynthia. Boston attended the school's academic department, which taught students who were too young or not yet prepared for college coursework.

After Central College

After departing McGrawville, Sarah took up a profession as a hairdresser. Her father was a barber for most of his life, so this influenced her choice of work. She never got married and stayed in Poughkeepsie for basically her whole life.

As the later years of her life progressed, census schedules show that she was living with her younger sister, Violet, following the death of their father.

Their father did not have any real estate to pass down, but had around $400-$600 in personal value before his death. His children would have inherited very little after his death. To get by, Sarah Boston worked odd jobs for the remainder of her life until she passed away in the year 1917 at the age of 81. 

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