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Boarding House for Colored Seamen

Charles A. Battiste (Sr.) published this advertisement in The Liberator. Battiste ran a boarding house for African-American sailors on temperance principles. The advertisement ran often in this newspaper.

1843 Petition of Boston Citizens to Repeal Anti-Interracial Marriage Laws

Boston citizens gathered in 1843 to demand that the state government of Massachusetts repeal laws that prohibited interracial marriage. Charles A. Battiste (Sr.) attended the meeting and signed the petition.

1843 Petition from Citizens of Boston Demanding State Protections against Racial Discrimination on Railroads

In 1843, citizens of Boston gathered to sign this petition asking the state of Massachusetts to pass legislation protecting citizens against insults and discrimination while traveling on public transportation. Charles A. Battiste (Sr.) attended the…

1843 Petition of Colored Citizens of Boston Protesting Treatment of Colored Citizens in Southern Ports

In this 1843 petition to the state government of Massachusetts, the colored citizens of Boston protested the treatment of colored citizens of Massachusetts when traveling outside the state. Charles A. Battiste (Sr.) attended the meeting and added his…

1845 Petition to Remove the Word "Color" from Massachusetts Statue Books

In this 1845 petition, colored citizens of Boston called on the state government of Massachusetts to remove the word "color" from statue books. In particular, the petition mentions the disadvantages of the label "colored" placed next to names in the…

1845 Petition Requesting that the State of Massachusetts Condemn the Mistreatment of Its Citizens in Other States

This 1845 petition called on the state government of Massachusetts to protect its citizens from mistreatment in other states. As with earlier petitions, the primary concern as the abuse and kidnapping of free African-Americans from Massachusetts when…

Protesting Abuses of Colored Sailors

This article in The Liberator provides an account of a meeting of colored citizens in Boston to protest the abuses, jailing, and kidnapping of free African-American sailors when passing through southern ports. Charles A. Battiste (Sr.) helped…