Hogarths in Haiti

George's Brother, John, was a merchant in Port Au Prince, Haiti. John also served as an officer in the Haitian government, it should be noted that at this time the country of Haiti had gained its freedom from slavery around 30 years earlier. John and George remained in contact, and John wrote back and forth with newspapers like The Liberator throughout his life. Mostly centering around a disdain for how the United States would not recognize Haiti as an independant nation who freed itself from terror.

From The Liberator, January 23rd 1846. The Pennsylvanian Freeman. Letter From Hayti. Port Republican. Boston, Massachusetts. 

John Hogarth wrote to his brother from Port Au Prince to explain to him how they were being exploited there in Haiti. He tells George that merchants come down and procure high amounts of coffee and other goods and raise the prices on them to make more money than they should be. Also that American newspapers are misrepresenting such events to the papers, John wishes to share this with George so some truth gets out. 

From The Liberator, March 27th 1846. From Hayti. Boston, Massachusetts. 

In understanding his connections with his brother being a prominent figure in Haiti, it is important to note that George's involvement in the merchant trade in this region would have amassed him a good amount of wealth. 

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