Tunis Gulic Campbell Jr. Life

Life in NYCC

Not much is known about Cambell Jr.'s time in NYCC other than he attended from the years of 1855-1857 and that he was part of the school's academic department. This meant that Campbell was able to study a certain topic of interest.


After his time at New York Central College, Campbell Jr. would go on to run alongside his father in 1868 to become a Representative for the state of Georgia. He and his father would both be elected into their respective offices that year.  However their terms were short lived, when the majority white legislation in Georgia deemed blacks as "did not have the right to hold office." A significant event that took place during his tenure in office was in 1871 when Campbell Jr., along with his father, had a meeting with President Ulysses S. Grant. The meeting was about how to properly protect African-Americans from racial violence. Although not stated how the meeting went, the Ku Klux Act was passed later in the year.

Later Life

Tunis Campbell Jr. passed away in 1904 due to a heart disease at the age of 62.

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