Gilliard at New York Central College

Jacob Gilliard started at the college in 1850. He had only spent a short time there however leaving after two years; marrying Helen Putnam immediately after that. During his time at the College, Gilliard was interwoven in a school committee that rallied and campaigned against the Fugitive Slave Act. After inviting Samuel Ward to speak to the college and citizens of Mcgrawville. A reaction to the speech by Minister C.P Grosvenor was published in the New York Tribune and local papers, through the work of Jacob Gilliard pushing for it to be printed. 

During his time at Central college Jacob became invested in the committee of vigilance. Which at central college campaigned and worked for the advancement. Another title that Gilliard held was the chairman of the 1850 Great Pumpkin Pie Jubilee, which was a festive event that helped bring the Central College community together with food and drinks. 

The Sons and Daughters of Freedom